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Student apartments are in great demand and our student apartments offer an ideal alternative. Whether as a temporary apartment, as a rental apartment Ulm, as a boarding house or as a furnished apartment to rent, we offer students affordable options.

We offer as student apartments:

  • 12  1-room apartments for single occupancy
  •   6  1-room apartments for double occupancy
  •   2  2-room apartments
  •   1  maisonette

Our photo gallery gives you a good impression of the holiday accommodations.

Student apartments
Student apartments are also a scarce commodity in Ulm - which is precisely why our student apartments are also an interesting solution, whether as a temporary apartment, as a furnished apartment to rent or as a rental apartment Ulm.

Apartment for rent Ulm
If you are looking for a rental apartment in Ulm, you should consider the options at WJH - rent a apartment, temporary furnished accommodation, student apartments, the choice is wide.

Rent a apartment
Rent a reasonably priced apartment and benefit from the central location in the heart of Ulm. WJH Apartments offers you temporary furnished living with optimal public transport connections.

Student apartments
Our temporary apartments can also be used as student apartments. Either to temporarily have a good alternative to student apartments in halls of residence or permanently during your studies.

1-room apartment
As an inexpensive solution, a 1-room apartment from our range is a good option as student accommodation or if you would like to rent a furnished apartment.

Rent a furnished apartment
Renting a furnished apartment is a good choice, especially for students at WJH Apartments. Such a temporary apartment is often available immediately and you can also move out again quite quickly and without any problems.

Apartments Ulm
If you are looking for apartments in Ulm, you will find a wide range at WJH, from maisonettes to 1-room apartments and 2-room apartments.

Temporary apartment
A temporary apartment is a cheaper alternative than a hotel, especially for students and visitors to the city. In addition, a temporary apartment also offers absolute privacy.

Temporary furnished living
Temporary furnished accommodation is very much in vogue. Especially if you work very flexibly and are often on the road, temporary furnished accommodation can be just the thing for you too.

Boarding haus
The term "boarding house" stands for offers such as serviced apartments or temporary accommodation. WJH has excellent offers for this, whether as student apartments or furnished temporary accommodation.